SKI in Nepal

I live in La Grave, a small village in front of La Meije.
La Grave is one of the best spot of freeride skiing in the French Alps and all over the world.

I love so much skiing and guiding ski touring at home that, off course,
I try to promote Ski Expedition in Nepal

This year, I bring a small groupof  crazy skiers to Nepal (also with some alpinists).
I choose Panbari, in the north of the Manaslu range above Samdo, near the border of China.

But Ski in Nepal is not a easy job.
First because we don’t know really witch is the best season to ski in the Himalayas. 
Is it spring or autumn ? And what about late winter ?

  • Last year, we try Putha Hiunchuli in Autumn. 
    We did not one single curve ! The snow was so awful and difficult.
  • This autumn 2017, again…
    The weather what perfect for trekking or climbing, no rain and no storm. But it’s look to be a bad season for our Ski Expedition on Panbari. But at the last moment, when we cross Larkya Pass on the end of October, a small afternoon snowfall save our project. 

And we did the best ski I never had before in Nepal : 10 cm of powder on hard snow. It was too short but too fantastic.

But I am not sure that we are now able to answer the question…
Spring or autumn ?
I feel it’s less versatile in spring because off the instability of the afternoon cumulus. Let’s see next year because we must try and try again…

The second reason, is the lack of place to ski. 
Not every summit is suitable to a good ascent and a memorable descent. And very few people are involve in the search of the right peak or even share what they found.
This time on the way to Panbari, we find a new itinerary, all the time suitable on ski and different than the last route opened in 2011 on a ridge. A good job who offer us the best ski on the mountain, and a itinerary who should become classic. As also a new Base Camp, discovered by Bishal.

Ski traverse ?
But going on a summit and descend by the same way is not the only possibility of skitouring.
In Europe, we do a lot of skitour traverse, mostly on a week from mountain hut to mountain hut.
The best exemple is Chamonix Zermatt.

But nobody try it in Nepal (maybe only Jean Annequin with his group on Saribung Glacier Trek, long time ago).

And this was our project for this autumn,
a new ski traverse with the « Hight Level Route of Samdo ».

Enjoy reading the report of this surprising expedition.
This topo-guide will help you to better know this region, to prepare your next Ski trip. 

And look again what we propose at Himalayan Travellers, next year. 
Just follow us if you ski.

Paulo Grobel_des étoiles pleins les yeux

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