A meeting at office house at Kopan
A meeting at Himalayan travellers office in Kopan.

26 November

A small team from Himalayan Travellers is now on the way to Gurja Himal Base Camp :
Dhan Magyar, Deepen Bhote, Urpa Thokra (Tamang)

The goal is to take pictures of the roc band who give access to the Camp 2 on the snow plateau, to be able to prepare the right materiel to equip the way with fix rope. This is the key section of this new Gurja Himal 2018 expedition.

Himalayan Travellers Nepal

Also, Deepen Bothe who will be the Sirdar & Guide of this expedition will know the trek to the base camp and have the right connection with the local people of Gurjakhani, and all informations about the travel from Kathmandu.

Bishal & Deepen, at Himalayan Travellers office in Kopan, reading map to prepare the trip.


The map we use for this trip :

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And on return, 10 days after, we post this report in my website with a lot of pictures.

A bientôt