Best season to visit Nepal

  • Best season to visit Nepal
    Best season to visit Nepal

One of the common inquiry we receive from travelers is “When is the best time to visit in Nepal?” The peak season is Autumn- late September to late November when the weather is clear and dry. It is neither too cold in high hill nor too hot in Terai. Nepal celebrates diverse geography and climatic variations. Also, the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic scenario calls for travelers almost all year round.

1. Spring:

Spring season continues in Nepal from March till May. The temperature is about 22℃ with slight rainfalls at night and clear skies in the morning. This is the time for new buds and flower blossoms.You can enjoy  Mountaineering and Trekking in spring weather. Rhododendron blossoms with exuberant beauty in the high hill will leave you spellbound. It is one of the major tourist seasons in Nepal.

2. Summer:

Summer continues in Nepal from June to August and temperature is 30℃. It is the time of monsoon rain in Nepal and a season of farming.
 It is one of the best season to go trek mustang and upper Dolpo.


3. Autumn:

                                                                              Photo Darbang Magdi

Autumn is the time from September to November with temperature ranging from 10℃ to 25℃. It is the pleasantest time for celebrating biggest Hindu festival Dashain and Tihar.

During this season of paddy harvest, nature ripens in yellow. It is the time after monsoon rain washes the whole surrounding. You can enjoy panoramic mountain views during this time. It is best time to make trekking and expedition in Nepal, where the sky is clear, blue and the weather clear.


4. Winter:

The chill winter lasts from December to February. And the temperature falls down below 0℃